I wish people were more like dogs. Well, not sometimes – all of the time. Dogs have the ability to live in the moment. They don’t worry about things over which they have no control, they don’t waste time with guilt, they don’t live in denial or regret. They are fully present in each moment and never consider escapism. They have no need to dumb themselves down, or numb themselves down in order to get through the day. They romp through life with joyful, reckless abandon.

Luxury On A Leash remains as an online store where dog and cat owners alike can purchase collars, leashes, and costumes for their precious pets. Being in business since early 2012, Luxury On A Leash has outlasted the average business life of online pet stores.

Leesa K. Rhoden, Owner of Luxury On A Leash and Proud Member of the Dog Forum!